Quality Education

Social workers attempt to relieve and prevent hardship and suffering. When many worked on social services like supporting old age, feeding and nursing poor etc, this group highly believed in the quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can be used to change the world” and didn’t just let it be a quote but worked on to materialize it.

Modern day education is completely commercial and that’s the truth which none of us can deny. As a matter of fact citizens are losing faith in government aided schools unlike many other developed countries where government schools are still the first choice. This is where we pitched in to bring up the quality education of government schools at par or higher than other devils.

The group initiated measures for improvements with government schools but soon realized that changing mindset of citizens around the schools was a major challenge and this gave birth to the idea of model “self sustaining village” in the year 2010. Since then the group is focused in this noble cause.

History of Kunanakoppalu Government school

2008 A government school from Konanakuppalu was selected for improvement
2008 The team established Library in school.
2008 Start of weekend classes, sports day, Health day and personality development activities.
2009 A full time teacher was appointed by the team.
2009 Navodaya coaching classes and environment day initiated
2010 Birth of Gnanavi Rural Development trust (GRDT)
2010 One guest teacher was appointed by GRDT
2011 Land donation by Sri. Sri Devarajachari and Sri Sotthamaadegowda to the school
2012 School expansion project started Bhoomi Pooja By Mr Narendraswaamy.
2012 Video tutorials -42" TV installed in the school
2013 Appreciation by Karnataka Govt-Education Department
2013 EDUSAT introduction- Educational satellite television
2014 Inauguration by New building by Ms Ramya MP- Mandya
2014 Four guest teachers appointed by GRDT
2014 Introduction of “Teaching Through Art” concept
2014 Permission from CDPO to upgrade Anganavaadi
2014 MOU With Education Dept - Shala Dattu Yojane/1/2008-09 dated 26-08-2008
2014 3 languages introduced in the school -Kannada, English, Hindi
2014 First time in the history of the school 115 admissions recorded from a mere 25 students in last years
2014 Introduction of transport facility to students
2014 Introduction of Karnataka Shasthriya Sangeetha classes in school
2015 Recognition by news channels TV9, TV10, Public TV
2015 Government Approval for English medium classes for 6th & 7th Standard


  • Providing free and high quality education.
  • Encouraging natural farming.
  • Generating rural employment.


This movement is Of the Farmer, By the Farmer and For the Farmer.


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