1. Give me a few reasons why we should donate to your team, not other team/NGO

Answer � To whom the donation has to be made is the complete discretion of the donor.

Why the donations should be made to GNANAVI RURAL DEVELOPMENT TRUST is because of the unique vision the trust has envisaged. Trust has planned to assist the Government of the land by a partnership model to build a school, develop infrastructure, give land for the proposed school and Encourage value based learning etc.

Above all the trustees are the villagers itself, who are economically poor but rich in service based intentions to bring sustainable development to the village.

The new government school developed by the trust and partners will be developed to provide free modern education to the rural students of the nearby villages. We have come up with an action plan for recruiting and training of teachers, excellent sports ground, laboratory facilities, high speed broadband connectivity, installing solar panels to overcome power dependency and etc. And worthwhile to mention that half acre of land has been allotted for training the students on the benefits of natural farming. And today, to realize this project we are totally counting donors.

2.Timelines by which these projects are planned to be completed and how are you sure that it will be done?

Answer � This question is a bit difficult answer as we are solely depending on the donors. However, we are very confident that we will be able to generate the projected amount of money and hence we have a tentative time plan. We will make sure that we would progress at a faster pace as soon as the funds are generated.

3. If I want to donate money for the project, how can I do that?

Answer � We are very pleased that you are supporting the vision of our trust. You can directly deposit money to the trust, whose account details are given below :

  • Every donor can avail Tax exemption under Section 80G of Income tax act, Govt. of India
  • Gnanavi Rural Development Trust
    Canara Bank,
    Malavalli Branch,
    S.B A/c- 3175101002300
    IFSC Number- CNRB0003175


  • Providing free and high quality education.
  • Encouraging natural farming.
  • Generating rural employment.


This movement is Of the Farmer, By the Farmer and For the Farmer.


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